Friday, September 28, 2007

We have a theme!

From Language to Liturgy. Crafting understanding in Montreal's diverse Pagan community.

Du langage à la liturgie. Façonner une compréhension au sein de la communauté païenne variée de Montréal.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Current information

The Fourth Conference is currently being planned for:

DATE: Saturday November 17th, 2007
TIME: to be determined
LOCATION: Scottish Centre in Verdun (metro Monk)

Morning coffee, lunch, and afternoon snacks will be provided. A pub moot will follow the conference.

If you you wish to have a voice or just want to see what goes on, we hope you will come to the conference and lend your voice and energy to the building and growth of our community.

The 2007 MPCC organizing team.

Yahoo! Group:


Les informations concernant la quatrième conférence sont les suivantes :

Date : samedi, le 17 novembre 2007
Heure : à déterminer
Où : Centre écossais, à Verdun (métro Monk)
Coût : $15

Le café matinal, lunch et collations en après-midi seront fournis. Un "pub moot" (rencontre amicale) aura lieu suite à la conférence.

Si vous souhaitez faire entendre votre voix ou simplement voir ce qui s'y passera, nous espérons que vous viendrez à la conférence et léguérez votre voix et votre énergie à la création et à la croissance de notre communauté!

L'équipe de l'organisation de la CCPM 2007

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Planning for 4th Montreal Pagan Conference Underway

(Français plus bas)

Planning for 4th Montreal Pagan Conference Underway

Just a quick note to let you all know that a planning committee has come together from to put on the fourth Montreal Pagan Community Conference. The conference is being planned for a Saturday sometime between November 2007 and March 2008, and the planning committe comes from a varied cross-section of the Montreal Pagan community, both anglophone and francophone.

The conference will follow a similar format to the last one, held in 2005, with workshops and a panel discussion. Morning coffee, lunch, and afternoon snacks will be provided. New this year though: a pub moot will follow the conference.

We are currently looking for a venue to hold the conference, so if you have a great lead on an inexpensive venue that has kitchen-space and can accomodate two streams of workshops, please let us know. Also, if you'd like to get involved, or have a workshop suggestion, please let us know.

Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you, and seeing you at the conference!

The 2007 MPCC organizing team


La planification de la quatrième Conférence païenne de Montréal est en cours

Nous désirons vous informer qu’un comité de planification s’est formé pour mettre en branle la quatrième Conférence de la communauté païenne de Montréal. Nous prévoyons tenir cette conférence un samedi, quelque part entre novembre 2007 et mars 2008. Le comité de planification provient de différents secteurs de la communauté païenne de Montréal, à la fois anglophones et francophones.

La conférence suivra le format de la précédente conférence, tenue en 2005, avec des ateliers et un débat. Du café matinal, un dîner et des collations en après-midi seront servies. Nouveauté pour cette année : un « pub moot » suivra la conférence.

Nous sommes présentement à la recherche d’une salle où tenir la conférence. Si vous avez un contact pour une salle non dispendieuse avec un espace cuisine et qui peut accueillir deux groupes d’ateliers, faites-le nous savoir!

De plus, si vous aimeriez vous impliquez ou si vous auriez une suggestion pour un atelier, n’hésitez pas à nous contacter.

Merci et c’est avec joie que nous attendons de vos nouvelles et que nous espérons vous voir à la conférence!

L'équipe de l'organisation de la CCPM 2007



Amanda follows an ecstatic path that celebrates life and explores Mystery. She has been involved in various facets of the Montreal Pagan community for several years, including facilitating discussion and study groups, offering workshops, helping create public ritual and events, and coordinating WynterGreene, a Canadian Pagan magazine based out of Montreal. She was also peripherally involved in the last three conferences.

Aurora Rising

Aurora Rising began exploring wicca and paganism over eleven years ago. Since then, she has continued on to become a 3rd level graduate of the Crescent Moon Spiritual Learning Center, as well as one of the founders of Gealach Dorcha, a women's mystery circle. Currently, Aurora is a first-degree Priestess studying with the Northern Cougars of the Black Forest Circle and Seminary.

Freya Kä

Freya Kä stands before the World Tree Yggdrasil and seeks to explore all of its worlds, mainly through Asatru and shamanism. She has been involved in the Montreal pagan community for a few years, offering workshops, giving runic divination sessions, co-founding a coven and a virtual community, and other various activities and services.

Isis Shakti

Isis Shakti follows the Path of the Goddess and is an eternal student in life, spirituality, mysticism and esoteric teachings. She is an ordained Priestess from the Fellowship of Isis and she is of Indo-Pagan faith (hinduism and neo-paganism). She is the co-founder of a Montreal coven, of a virtual community and of the Iseum of the Lotus Goddess. She is very dedicated to the pagan community (counseling, workshops, research) and she has many interests like reiki, mantras, meditation, chamanism, mythology and magic.


Josie made Montreal her home a little over one year ago and has been busy organizing open circles, public ritual, and workshops in that time. Prior to this, she was deeply involved in the Maritime Pagan community, and has a great deal of experience organizing public/open ritual. She identifies most strongly with the Reclaiming tradition of witchcraft due to its emphasis on participatory ritual, connection to nature, and political awareness.